How to Help Australia

The situation in Australia is a nightmare come to life for so many people and animals across the continent. Creatures of all sizes are fighting for their lives and desperately need our help.

We understand that it can be very difficult to find a way to help when we are so far away, but if you can, we suggest donating to the following organizations to directly help those fighting on the ground:

WIRES Emergency Fund, located in New South Wales, is a group that rescues wildlife and relies heavily on volunteers and donations. You can donate at…/emergency-donations-to-help-wild…

Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty for Animals, also located in New South Wales, has been evacuating and rescuing animals and providing emergency medical care during the bushfires. Support their work here:

The Port Macquarie Koala Hospital has been working to rescue Koala’s who have been displaced by the fires from their habitats. The population of Koalas was declining before the fires and are now even more particularly vulnerable. Support the Koala Hospital here:…

-You can also support local fire brigades in New South Wales who are fighting the fires in harrowing conditions. Support the firefighters and local fire brigades here:…/support-your-local-brigade

Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.

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