Lion’s Roast Coffee

MARCH 3, 2020–The 2019 proceeds of Lion’s Roast Coffee has been sent to the Lion Recovery Fund to support their conservation work in the field. Your support has allowed the Utica Zoo to impact the work being done in the wilds of Africa to help save African Lions. Lion’s Roast Coffee is available at the Utica Zoo Gift Shop and will soon offer a new variety of African-sourced coffee with the same great cause!

We also received these photographs of wild African Lions from the Lion Recovery Fund team:


SEPTEMBER 30, 2019–As many limited-edition items do, the original Tanzania Iyula coffee is no longer available for import to the United States while the farms in the production area enter a new growth phase. It is believed the Tanzania Iyula will again be available at a later date. To substitute, the Utica Zoo has adopted another popular Tanzanian-sourced coffee, Tanzania Peaberry. The Peaberry offers a sweet, bright, and citrusy aroma, with flavors of blackberry, chocolate, lemon, and black tea. The new Tanzania Peaberry Lion’s Roast Coffee is available at the Utica Zoo Gift Shop and Utica Coffee locations.


JULY 15, 2019–UTICA–At the Utica Zoo’s annual Member Appreciation Night and Annual Meeting in July 2019, the zoo announced its newest collaboration with Utica Coffee Roasting aimed at supporting conservation efforts for African Lions. The new, limited edition coffee, aptly named “Lion’s Roast”, is a single-source coffee from Tanzania, which boasts the largest concentration of wild lions in Africa. The Tanzania Iyula coffee offers notes of nectarine and citrus, with a bright and sweet flavor and aroma.

The Utica Zoo announced that proceeds from the sale of the coffee, available at the Utica Zoo Gift Shop and Utica Coffee cafes,  will be donated to the Lion Recovery Fund. The Lion Recovery Fund supports organizations across Africa to double the number of African Lions in the wild by 2050. By supporting these various organizations, Lion Recovery Fund helps to protect wildlife, habitats, and local African communities. The Utica Zoo has chosen to support the Lion Recovery Fund to ensure a future for Africa’s Lions.

“Supporting a cause such as the Lion Recovery Fund was an easy decision to make,” said Mark Simon, Marketing Coordinator for the Utica Zoo. “The world has lost half of the population of lions in Africa over the last 25 years, so supporting an effort to double that population over the next 30 years was something we all felt passionately about. Working with the team at Utica Coffee has been a great experience; their expertise and knowledge of coffee have also allowed us to collaboratively bring a product to market that we think the community will truly enjoy. Pairing a high-quality product with a high-quality cause is a recipe for success.”


The limited-edition coffee is now available for sale at the Utica Zoo Gift Shop, Utica Coffee in Utica and Clinton.



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