Help name our Red Panda Cubs!

Since their birth in July 2019, we have watched our Red Panda cubs grow and grow!  The cubs have begun to explore their exhibit space with mom, Ming Yue, and dad, Muse and it is time for them to be given their names. We have decided on a handful of great names and we need your help deciding on the final names!

Vote for your favorite name combinations by making a minimum of $1 donation by clicking on the photo with the name combination of your choice. All funds gifted through the naming contest will be donated to the Red Panda Network to help fund conservation work being done in the wild to save Red Pandas from extinction. The name combination that garners the highest total donation amount will be chosen in about 2 weeks.

Click below to cast your vote! (A minimum $1 donation is required to vote.)

[pt_view id=”a93f7f3s6f”]

Name meanings for the male cub:



Xiaobo(sh-oww-bo)-Little Wrestler


Name meanings for the female cub:

Lienna-Girl as beautiful as a Lotus flower

Xiao Mei(sh-oww-may)-Little Plum

Mei Lin(may lin)-Beautiful forest

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