Watch Our Cotton-top Tamarin Live Camera!

Winner of  EarthCam’s 25 Most Interesting WebCam Award-2019

Winner EarthCam's 25 Most Interesting Webcams 2019

Established in 1914, the Utica Zoo creates unique experiences while fostering an appreciation of wildlife through education, conservation, and recreation. We are proud to be accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums and an active participant in the Cotton Top Tamarin Species Survival Plan. Open 363 days a year, the Utica Zoo offers year-round enjoyment for visitors of all ages.  Click Here to Support the Utica Zoo’s Mission.

Our Cotton Top Tamarins are named Dharma, Sawyer, and Tom. Dharma – who is currently 16 – is the mother of the other two. Tom and Sawyer are both 14 years old. It is very difficult to tell them apart since they all share the same mannerisms and characteristics. 

You will notice that the Tamarins tend to be active throughout the day. Feel free to explore the exhibit space by utilizing the controls on the left side of the screen. To use the controls, you must first zoom in, and then use the directional buttons to move within the frame. This is a great way to get a better look at Tamarins interacting with each other  enrichment Despite the audio indicator, there is no audio.

You will also occasionally see Zoo Keepers inside the exhibit providing food and water, cleaning up after our animals, or setting up enrichment items. Our keepers are incredibly dedicated and have formed a wonderful bond with our animals. Our Cotton Top Tamarins are some of the few animals our animal care staff are able to interact with inside their exhibit. We want to remind you that our keepers have years of training and are animal care experts. Please do not attempt to approach or handle any wild animal, or attempt to enter any exhibit at any Animal Care Facility.

The Utica Zoo Cotton Top Tamarin Live Camera is brought to you by Galaxy Media, Mix 102.5FM, 94.9FM KROCK, 99.1 TONYFM, and ESPN Sports Radio 1310AM. Thank you to EarthCam for assisting the Utica Zoo in bringing you this LIVE camera feed.

“Being able to reach out and connect with viewers all over the world is a huge boost to our ability to tell our story to a larger audience,” said Mark Simon, Marketing Coordinator for the Utica Zoo. “As a smaller zoo, we generally have about 100,000 yearly visitors, but being able to tell our story through our animals to the world is hugely important. As we continue to expand and grow, it is imperative to garner support from anywhere we can, and now thanks to EarthCam, we are able to share our story with people around the world. Plus, we hope that viewers will find our Cotton Top Tamarins intriguing and elect to support conservation efforts for these Critically Endangered animals. These types of efforts span the globe and we are proud to be an active part of those efforts. Furthermore, as an AZA Accredited Zoo, we also participate in the Species Survival Plan for Cotton Top Tamarins, which allows us to work collaboratively with over 230 other facilities to ensure the longevity and survival of these incredible animals.”

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