Wildlife Conservation Day

Tuesday, December 4th is World Wildlife Conservation Day! Secretary of State Hillary Clinton declared December 4th Wildlife Conservation Day to raise awareness to the illegal animal trade and engage the public to help put a stop to the criminal organizations that deal in these animals.

Throughout the world, animal species are being hunted and slaughtered on a daily basis. Driven by a demand for illegal animal parts and products, the illegal wildlife trade rivals illegal arms and drugs, and more and more often, the same organizations are dealing in the same trade. Also, the illegal animal trade is further endangering several endangered species, such as Tigers, Elephants, and Rhinoceros.


From the World Wildlife Fund:

“It is a global challenge that spans continents and crosses oceans. It matters, and not just because we care about elephants, rhinos and tigers. Park rangers on the frontlines of conservation are being killed. Local communities that depend on wildlife for tourism or sustenance are being robbed of their livelihoods. Corruption and intimidation are weakening law enforcement efforts. Unscreened wildlife and wildlife parts increase the risk of human health pandemics such as bird flu. And regional security is compromised as militarized groups cash in on this lucrative and rapidly growing trade, using it to finance insurrection and even terrorist activity.”


What you can do:

Take the Wildlife Conservation Day pledge. Join the fight to save our endangered wildlife by taking the pledge to support our wildlife and not purchase items that have been harvested by illegal means. Take the pledge HERE.

Back a Ranger. Rangers all over the world protect endangered species and work to stop illegal poaching and hunting. Unfortunately, these rangers are in just as much danger as the animals they have been charged to protect due to the sometimes violent lengths illegal poachers and hunters will go to to secure animal parts. By donating to the WWF Back a Ranger project, you can help ensure Rangers have the proper training, equipment, and ranks to continue their work. You can support the Back a Ranger project HERE.







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