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Welcome to the Uti-kaZoo Kid's Academy!

Enjoy our digital educational content at home when you can’t make it to the Utica Zoo! Our Education Department has been chartered by the NYS Department of Education since 1965, and we utilize STEM and STEAM-based education models to provide little learners with the best possible educational content.

Episode 57: Invasive Species

Episode 56: African Painted Dog

Episode 55: Canada Lynx

Episode 54: European Ferret

Episode 53: Chinchilla

Episode 52: Pigs

Episode 51: Reptiles

Episode 50: Spotted Turtle

Episode 49: Uromastyx

Episode 48: Western Hognose Snake

Episode 47: Indian Runner Duck

Episode 46: Merlin

Episode 45: Screech Owl

Episode 44: Bald Eagle

Episode 43: Bactrian Camel

Episode 42: World Refugee Day

Episode 41: Chinese Alligator

Episode 40: Special 40th Episode Montage

Episode 39: Food Web

Episode 38: Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches

Episode 37: Sumatran Chicken

Episode 36: Patagonian Cavy

Episode 35: Rainbow Boa

Episode 34: African Lion

Episode 33: Red-Tailed Hawk

Episode 32: White-Naped Crane

Episode 31: Leopard Tortoise

Episode 30: Chinchilla

Episode 29: Mexican Wolf

Episode 28: Hyacinth Macaw

Episode 27: Burmese Python

Episode 26: Hartmann's Mountain Zebra

Episode 25: Virginia Opossum

Episode 24: Classifications

Episode 23: Rose-Haired Tarantula

Episode 22: Veterinarians

Episode 21: California Sea Lion

Episode 20: Pallas's Cat

Episode 19: Earth Day

Episode 18: Red Panda

Episode 17: Glass Lizard

Episode 16: Wood Turtle

Episode 15: African Bullfrog

Episode 14: Ostrich

Episode 13: Emus

Episode 12: Corn Snake

Episode 11: Bantam Chicken

Episode 10: Enrichment

Episode 9: Moluccan Cockatoo

Episode 8: North American Beaver

Episode 7: Barred Owl

Episode 6: Mexican Spider Monkey

Episode 5: Flemish Giant Rabbit

Episode 4: African Pygmy Hedgehog

Episode 3: North American Porcupine

Episode 2: Nature Journaling

Episode 1: North American Alligator

The Utica Zoo will be closed at 1:00pm on 8/3 for BREWFEST and will reopen with normal hours on 8/4!