Looking for a new way to do the zoo? Get ready to go Fur-Wheelin' with one of our ScooterPals!

ScooterPals are are new additional feature available to our visitor here at the Utica Zoo! For a fee, you can rent one of these motorized scooters from us to ZOOm around the zoo in style! Each ScooterPal comes complete with its own name and personality to help make your experience here at the Utica Zoo even more fun and memorable than ever! 

How Does It Work?

Next time you are at the Utica Zoo, you can rent one of these new motorized scooters right from our visitor center! Each one comes equipped with a QR code that you can scan and select the available Pal you want to spend you visit with. From there, you can pick up the key from our gift shop staff and begin your memorable experience!


$5 activation FEE

$0.35 Per Minute

Rules and Regulations:

  • Driver must be at least 18 years of age. 
  • Multiple riders allowed following rider guidelines: One adult (18+) and up to two children over 24 inches in height OR two adults (18+) with combined maximum weight of 450 lbs.
  • Both the operator and rider of the ScooterPal must remain seated to operate. 
  • Pay attention to road signs and do not enter designated restricted areas.
  • Use caution while operating and do not bump into other ScooterPals, people, or things.
  • Pay attention to alerts on your ScooterPal for any off-limits areas. These areas will light up a warning light on your Pal’s dashboard and slow your speed considerably! 
  • Turn off your ScooterPal while unattended or until everyone is properly seated.
  • ScooterPals are available to rent on a first come, first served basis.
  • Your rental will not end until it is properly returned to the rental location. 
  • Rental fee includes a $5 ride activation to start the ride, then $0.35 per minute until ride is ended and returned.
  • A $25 temporary credit pre-authorization will be placed on the card used for the rental. The temporary hold is the amount we authorize to ensure there are funds available to complete your purchase. If your final rental comes out to less than $25, the remainder will be returned automatically (it may take a little time for your statement to reflect this accurately). If your total rental is over $25, you will see two charges on your account, the first for $25, and the second for the remaining balance of your ride.


You can rent a ScooterPal right at our Visitor Center! You will see all of the available Pals right when you enter the zoo. All you need to do is scan the QR code on the associated Pal that you want to rent, follow the on-screen instructions on your device, and then pick up the key from our visitor experience staff and you will be good to go! Just remember to return the Pal and the key to their original locations in order to end your rental! 

You can rent a ScooterPal during the zoo’s normal operating hours! (Weather permitting)

It costs $5 to activate a ScooterPal and then another $0.35 per minute throughout the rental. The cost only starts AFTER you pick up the key from our visitor experience staff. The rental will end whenever you return the key! 

We will not have the ScooterPals available for rent if the weather looks to be poor. This includes heavy rain. 

In order to rent a ScooterPal you will need some sort of device capable of scanning QR codes with you!

You can rent a ScooterPal for as long as you want to so long as the zoo is open! However, keep in mind that it costs $0.35 per minute to rent! 

Unfortunately, ScooterPals are rented out on a first come, first served basis so you cannot rent a ScooterPal ahead of time. 

We have restricted ScooterPals from going into a few areas that we deem either unsafe for you, the visitors, OR unsafe for our animals. This includes our North Trek hiking trail, the uphill curve around African Lion, and a few other areas. Your ScooterPal will alert you when you are approaching an off-limits area. There are also signs located around the zoo indicating No Ride Zones.

ScooterPals can be used by anyone, but they are not fully suitable for individuals with mobility issues. The Pals are high off the grounds and have no back, so it may be difficult from some visitors to use. If you are looking for more accessible chairs, ask our visitor experience staff about our manual, push wheelchairs!  

Meet the Pals:

Sarge the Rhino

The Tough One

Though seemingly thick-skinned, Sarge’s easygoing spirit balances out that rough and tough exterior. This hard-charging party animal has a real nose for excitement and will have you saying RHI-NO to a boring time!

FAVE COLOR: Beige (because its practical, that’s why!)

LOVES: Working out, getting mud treatments at the spa, crashing with friends & getting right to the point

Ponce the Lion

The Charming One

Ponce takes pride in being the king of fun! With his huge appetite for adventure, this alpha explorer is delightfully debonair and always ready for a roaring good time.

FAVE COLOR: Gold (because it remind him of the beautiful plains)

LOVES: Taking naps, sinking his teeth into thrilling new experiences & being the big mane on campus

Reya the Giraffe

The Sassy One

Beneath that stylish façade lies a very big heart. Fun, friendly and free-spirited, Reya is a real stand-up pal who is always down for a good laugh, a tall tale or a meaningful moment. 

FAVE COLOR: Green (because she likes to keep it fresh)

LOVES: Laughing, dancing, dreaming & keeping her head in the clouds

Kozèe the Bear

The Mischievous One

Kozèe’s warm personality and high-spirited attitude make this spunky cub a constant source of amusement and entertainment. Get ready for some good-natured fun as you frolic with your furry new best friend! 

FAVE COLOR: Red (like delicious, juicy berries)

LOVES: Foraging for fun, playing pranks on pals & snuggling up for nice long naps 

The Utica Zoo will be closed at 1:00pm on 8/3 for BREWFEST and will reopen with normal hours on 8/4!