Utica Zoo Team

Meet the Utica Zoo team! We employee over 30 people from the Greater Utica area. We are dedicated to top-level animal care, creating unique experienced for our visitors, and fostering an appreciation for wildlife through education, conservation, and recreation.

Board of Trustees

Board President: Heather Sweet
Secretary: Drew Ward, Esq.
Treasurer: Dan Brockway
Immediate Past-Chair: Kevin Conway
Board Members:  Crystal Guzzardo, Adam McLain, PhD; Don Reese, Ben Saltzman, Jack Spaeth, Kristen Skobla, and Marolyn Wilson
Board Emeritus: James Viggiano


Executive Director: Andria Heath E-mail
Deputy Director of Grounds and Project Management: Gary Mundschenk E-mail
Director of Communications and Engagement: Allie Snyder E-mail
Administrative Assistant of Visitor Experience, Events, and IT: Chris Jakubowski E-mail
Revenue Center Manager: Andrew Kimball E-mail
Gift Shop/Visitor Experience: Talia Guantero, Kim Fical, Alyssa Kloster, Mary Bartlett, Nadia Ynoa, Valerian Foster, and Lily Edic  E-mail

Education and Conservation Manager: Zak Hughes E-mail
Education Specialists: Ryan Chickering, Kat Hawley, Morgan Rynkiewicz, Lily Bauder, and Justin Horender 

Veterinarian: Dr. Jennifer Kotwica
General Curator – Interim: Jackie Gregory E-Mail
Zoological Manager of Animal Husbandry: Melanie Entelisano E-Mail
Zoological Manager of Animal Husbandry: Cari Camizzi E-Mail
Vet Tech & Registrar: Nicole Blance E-Mail
Zoo Area Manager: Mike Bates E-mail
Animal Care Intern Manager: Elizabeth Slabaugh E-Mail
Keeper Staff: Leanne Higby, Caleb LaRocca, Katelyn Chatterton, Garrett Buck, Mackenzie Landman, Cody Jones, Tiffany Howell, Kyra Fleharty, Cari Camizzi, and Nathan Edwards

Superintendent of Buildings & Grounds: Tony Farouche E-mail
Buildings and Grounds: Mikhail Naryvonchyk
Maintenance Technician: Lucas Rivera and Dan
Environmental Services: Angel Guzman and Rich

Friday, August 18, Sunset Sips with Vinyl Logic has been rescheduled for Friday, August 25!

We apologize for the inconvenience.

For more information, visit uticazoo.org/sunsetsips