Utica Zoo Team

Meet the Utica Zoo team! We employee over 40 people from the Greater Utica area. We are dedicated to top-level animal care, creating unique experienced for our visitors, and fostering an appreciation for wildlife through education, conservation, and recreation.

Board of Trustees

Board President: Kevin Conway
Vice President: David Paciello
Secretary: Kevin Wiegand
Treasurer: Dan Brockway
Board Members:  Andrew F Biernat, Alaine Canestrari, Victoria Cataldo,  Crystal Guzzardo, Michele Hummel, Adam McLain, PhD; Don Reese, Ben Saltzman, Jack Spaeth, Kristen Skobla, Heather Sweet, Drew Ward, Esq.; and Marolyn Wilson
Board Emeritus: James Viggiano


Executive Director: Andria Heath E-mail
Deputy Director of Life Sciences and Facilities: Jay Pratte E-mail
Operations Manager: Kyla Jacobs E-mail
Administrative Assistant of Visitor Experience, Events, and IT: Chris Jakubowski E-mail
Administrative Specialist: Hayley Ossont E-mail
Bookkeeper: Carol Heburn E-mail
Gift Shop/Visitor Experience: Lily Bauder, Cortland Cloos, Jennifer Reed, Maggie LaBreche, Julianna Clemente, Lydia Brown, Talia Guantero E-mail

Lead Education Specialist: Kathleen McGill E-mail
Education and Ambassador Animal Specialist: Kallen Muste E-Mail
Education Specialist: Ryan Chickering
Seasonal Educators: Francesca Palladino & Justin Horender

Veterinarian: Dr. Jennifer Kotwica
Vet Tech & Registrar: Jackie Gregory E-Mail
Vet Tech: Nicole Blance E-mail
Zoo Area Manager: Mike Bates E-mail
Keeper Staff: Krystin Aranda, Melanie Entelisano, Elizabeth Slabaugh, Marley Ueland, Leanne Higby, Caleb LaRocca, Grace Gustke, Katelyn Chatterton, Anastasia Zajchowski, Matthew Ardaiolo, Garrett Buck, and Julie Bontempo

Buildings and Grounds Superintendent: Gary Mundschenk E-mail
Buildings and Grounds: Tony Farouche & Mikhail Naryvonchyk
Environmental Services: Rusty Romine & Angel Guzman

ON SATURDAY AUGUST 6, the utica zoo will be closing at 1pm to set up for our annual Brewfest fundraiser. we will reopen our gates at 6pm for the event!