Mohawk Valley Health System Enhances Animal Care at the Utica Zoo with Medical Equipment Donation

Mohawk Valley Health System (MVHS) recently made a significant donation of medical equipment to the Utica Zoo, aimed at advancing the level of care provided to the zoo’s diverse animal collection.

Recognizing the unique challenges faced by the Utica Zoo’s Animal Care and Veterinary teams, MVHS has donated a range of essential medical equipment to enhance the health and well-being of the zoo’s animals. The donation includes a portable treatment light and head lamp designed for use during surgical procedures and exams.

In addition to the portable treatment light, MVHS has provided an isolette incubator to replace the current incubator at the Utica Zoo. This crucial piece of equipment is instrumental in caring for infant animals facing crises or requiring additional warmth. The isolette incubator offers a controlled environment, essential for the well-being and development of vulnerable young animals.

Included in the donation is also an otoscope and ophthalmoscope to be used in the treatment room for routine exams and diagnostic purposes. These diagnostic tools play a vital role in the early detection and treatment of health issues, contributing to the overall health maintenance of the zoo’s animal population.

The donation of this equipment underscores MVHS’s commitment to supporting the Utica Zoo’s mission to provide exceptional care to all its animals. By having this advanced medical equipment on-site, including portable devices, the Animal Care and Veterinary teams can conduct a broader range of treatments and exams without the need to transfer animals to external facilities.

“The Utica Zoo is an amazing local asset and I am so glad that we were able to donate this medical equipment for their use caring for animals,” said Darlene Stromstad, FACHE, MVHS president/CEO. “I’m always pleased when we can find new uses for the equipment we no longer need, especially when it’s contributing to a local business. I look forward to our continued partnership with the Zoo.”     

“The continuation of quality animal healthcare and well-being at the Utica Zoo is a goal shared at all levels in our community and MVHS has demonstrated their commitment to helping us meet this goal,” said Andria Heath, Utica Zoo Executive Director. “Our appreciation to the MVHS leadership and team is immense and we look forward to a long and fruitful partnership.”

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The Utica Zoo will close at 3pm on 12/31 and will reopen with normal hours on 1/1!