2024 Utica Zoo Pre-ZOO-Dent's Campaign

In Person Voting Will Take Place February 17-19

Support Your Candidate’s Pre-ZOO-dential Campaign TODAY!

For every $10, your candidate will receive 5 extra votes! In-person voting will take place at the Utica Zoo from February 17-19. Visitors will get one ballot with admission. By helping your candidate push to the top with donations to their campaign, you are supporting the daily needs of all the animals at the Utica Zoo.

How Do I Vote in Person?

On President’s Weekend (February 17-19) each of our visitors will receive one ballot that they can cast at the designated voting area. To select your candidate, just put your ballot in the ballot box featuring your animal candidate of choice! 

Additionally, on President’s Day itself (Monday, February 19th) we will have some additional Pre-ZOO-dential Themed Keeper Talks and Activities including a match the US President to their exotic pet education game. 

Meet the 2023 Candidates:

He may look grumpy, but this cat is ready to "Tate" one for the team!

He's been relaxing for a while, but Furlow is ready to get "Bactrian" the game!

When it comes to being PreZOOdent, Dooku is "Gibbon" it all he's got!

Ignore those "otter" candidates, Briar won't let you "weasel" your way out of voting for her!

"Feather" you like him or not, Boomer is ready to stick his neck out for this zoo!

The Utica Zoo will be closed at 1:00pm on 8/3 for BREWFEST and will reopen with normal hours on 8/4!