It's the great Pumpkin Smash of 2022! Watch throughout the day as our animals enjoy pumpkin enrichment!

What is enrichment?
Enrichment is the way we promote species-appropriate behavior while giving the animals choice over their environment. So, on Halloween Day our keepers will be giving pumpkins to a variety of our animals for them to interact with. Pay us a visit to see how our animals react!

What time should you come to the zoo? Here is a “Smash Schedule” for when our animals will be receiving their enrichment:

10:30 AM – African Lion

11:00 AM – Warty Pig

11:30 AM – Bactrian Camel

12:00 PM – Striped Hyena

12:30 PM – Red Panda

1:00 PM – Alpaca, Zebu, and Patagonian Cavy

2:15 PM – Spider Monkey

2:45 PM – White-Naped Crane and Reeves’ Muntjac 

3:30 PM – Chickens and Beaver

Friday, August 18, Sunset Sips with Vinyl Logic has been rescheduled for Friday, August 25!

We apologize for the inconvenience.

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