It's the great Pumpkin Smash of 2022! Watch throughout the day as our animals enjoy pumpkin enrichment!

What is enrichment?
Enrichment is the way we promote species-appropriate behavior while giving the animals choice over their environment. So, on Halloween Day our keepers will be giving pumpkins to a variety of our animals for them to interact with. Pay us a visit to see how our animals react!

What time should you come to the zoo? Here is a “Smash Schedule” for when our animals will be receiving their enrichment:

10:30 AM – African Lion

11:00 AM – Warty Pig

11:30 AM – Bactrian Camel

12:00 PM – Striped Hyena

12:30 PM – Red Panda

1:00 PM – Alpaca, Zebu, and Patagonian Cavy

2:15 PM – Spider Monkey

2:45 PM – White-Naped Crane and Reeves’ Muntjac 

3:30 PM – Chickens and Beaver

Due to needing time to set up for our Wine in the Wilderness Event, on June 3rd the zoo will be closing to the public at 1pm! We will reopen our doors at 6pm for the event! Event tickets will still be purchasable at our gift shop during this time!