Jacob Sheep

Basic Information:

Scientific Name: Ovis aries

Habitat: Since Jacob  Sheep are a domesticated breed, they are typically found on farms.

Diet: Jacob sheep typically feed on grains, alfalfa, and vegetables. 

Size: 3.5 to 4 feet tall / 3.8 to 4.2 feet long

Weight: 80 to 180 pounds

Lifespan: 15 to 20 years

Distribution Map:

I.U.C.N. Distribution Status:

What does this mean?

Least Concern – a species determined by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (I.U.C.N.) to be pervasive, abundant, and thriving.

Our Jacob Sheep:

Cindy Lou (Female) – Estimated Date of Birth Between March & April 2013
Millie (Female) – Born March 14, 2020
Mabel (Female) – Born March 14, 2020

About Jacob Sheep:

Jacob Sheep is a domestic breed of sheep found in the United Kingdom. They typically have a more spotted pattern to their wool and 4 horns. While Jacob Sheep were originally used to decorate the yards and gardens of large estates, today Jacob Sheep are primarily for wool and meat.

Did You Know?!

  • Jacob Sheep Rams can have horns as long as 30 inches or more.
  • The name Jacob Sheep is in reference to the Bible (Genesis 30) when it states that when Jacob moved from Mesopotamia to Egypt he brought with him a flock of spotted sheep. Since the Jacob Sheep’s spots are unique to them, it is likely that they are the what the Bible is referring to.
  • Because of a Jacob Sheep’s black spots on their white wool, one fleece can spin up the entire spectrum of colors from white to gray-lilac to black.

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