7th Place: Hartmann's Mountain Zebra (the Horse)

When the snake uncurled itself from around the horses’ leg, it frightened the horse, which is why it didn’t make a dash for the finish line right away! After the snake quickly slithered across the finish line, the horse finished next, becoming the seventh animal in the lunar cycle. 

Zebras are equids, or in the horse family. However, unlike horses, zebras have never been successfully domesticated. There are three different types of zebras, Grevy’s zebra, plains zebra, and mountain zebra. At the zoo we have a Hartmann’s Mountain Zebra! Like horses, zebra have excellent hearing and eyesight.

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Due to needing time to set up for our Wine in the Wilderness Event, on June 3rd the zoo will be closing to the public at 1pm! We will reopen our doors at 6pm for the event! Event tickets will still be purchasable at our gift shop during this time!